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A .Net shell for RoboCopy. Copy whole directory structures with ease. Ideal for backups and deployments. Store your RoboCopy.exe commands for easy (and repeatable) use. WPF front-end, DI data access.

RoboMojo v2.0 Released

This is the first update to RoboMojo in a number of years.
Main changes:
  • New WinForms UI (screen shots below).
  • WPF UI code remains unchanged, but won't for the foreseeable future be maintained.
  • All other components effectively unchanged.
  • No installer project. I'm now using VS Express 2013 for Desktop which doesn't include installer projects.

The new WinForms UI is much more user friendly than the old WPF UI. You can move and copy tasks between jobs using drag-n-drop on the tree-view control (on the Edit screen).

Apart from writing the new UI I haven't paid much attention ot the
rest of the release (documentation, etc).

Command-Line Support

Version 1.1 includes a new executable called RoboMojoCMD. RoboMojoCMD lets you call RoboMojo Jobs from the command-line, and it can also be called from within Visual Studio as a Post-Build event; for example:

call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Morphological Software Solutions\RoboMojo\RoboMojoCMD.exe" 9

What's RoboMojo All About?

RoboMojo let's you set-up "Tasks" that you can get ROBOCOPY to do - avoiding the need to enter complex arguments everytime (and get them wrong - after all, to err is human). With RoboMojo you can also set-up "Jobs" which are collections of tasks.

Run Screen

Edit Screen

More Info see the Documentation pages or

Getting the Robocopy.exe File

Since Robocopy is copyrighted to Microsoft I haven't included it in the source-code or MSI installer.
There's a fair chance you have it already, but here's some links that might help you get it if you don't.

Note: default config for Application MSI installer now set for Windows7 (Home Premium) - was my 'dev' config (doh).

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