A .Net shell for RoboCopy. Copy whole directory structures with ease. Ideal for backups and deployments. Store your RoboCopy.exe commands for easy (and repeatable) use. WPF front-end, DI data access.

Update 22-Apr-2015

New version in the works; bascially I'm sick of the WPF UI which is slow to load and doesn't always exit gracefully, so will reimplement as a WinForms UI; Usability improvements will also be included.

New Version - with Command-Line Support

Version 1.1 includes a new executable called RoboMojoCMD. RoboMojoCMD lets you call RoboMojo Jobs from the command-line, and it can also be called from within Visual Studio as a Post-Build event; for example:

call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Morphological Software Solutions\RoboMojo\RoboMojoCMD.exe" 9

What's RoboMojo All About?

RoboMojo let's you set-up "Tasks" that you can get ROBOCOPY to do - avoiding the need to enter complex arguments everytime (and get them wrong - after all, to err is human). With RoboMojo you can also set-up "Jobs" which are collections of tasks.

More Info see the Documentation pages or http://morphological.wordpress.com/2011/08/29/robomojo/

Getting the Robocopy.exe File

Since Robocopy is copyrighted to Microsoft I haven't included it in the source-code or MSI installer.
There's a fair chance you have it already, but here's some links that might help you get it if you don't.

Note: default config for Application MSI installer now set for Windows7 (Home Premium) - was my 'dev' config (doh).

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